Why Do You Need Car Insurance

Why Do You Need Car Insurance

Why do you need car insurance when car insurance is so expensive?

Also, do you need comprehensive car insurance or just 3rd party cover?

And why do you need car insurance at all if you would rather self insure than pay expensive car insurance premiums.

Well many would argue that anyone who knowingly drives an uninsured vehicle either has an exceptionally good legal team on standby or loads of money.

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Why Do You Need Car Insurance

Why Do You Need Car Insurance?
Here Are 5 Good Reasons…

You’re taking a massive risk by driving on public roads without comprehensive car insurance as an accident, whether it’s your fault or not, could cost you a significant amount of money.

Whilst it is not currently a legal requirement in South Africa to have your motor vehicle comprehensively insured the consequences of having an accident, even one where you are not at fault, or having your car stolen are just too ghastly to contemplate.

So if you are one of the 65% of South Africans who are not insured, just remember that even if you are the most cautious of drivers you are exposing yourself to massive financial risk by driving an uninsured vehicle.

5 Good Reasons To Have Your Car Insured

Why You Need Car Insurance

Why You Need Car Insurance? If You Were Driving This Without Car Insurance You Would Have a Hefty Repair Bill To Pay – Paying Car Insurance Would’ve Been a Much Cheaper Option

  1. Not only do you risk having your car stolen or smashed into & not getting any financial compensation, but you are also exposed to third party claims which means you could easily be held liable for repairs to a third party’s vehicle.
  2. This means that you would not only have to pay of the 3rd party’s vehicle to be repaired, but you would be left with having to pay for your own vehicle to be repaired as well – if you do not have the finances you could face legal action over the third party’s vehicle as well as being left without having your own wheels.
  3. So although it’s a grudge expense it is obvious that you really cannot afford to drive around in an uninsured vehicle, it is possible to get comprehensive insurance cover for your car based on the amount you drive.
  4. What this means is that if you do not do as much mileage as a travelling salesman, for example, you would be entitled to pay a lower premium than such a driver.
  5. It makes sense that your premium is linked to the amount you drive but unfortunately most insurance companies base their premiums on your personal profile & not on how much you drive.

Well you will be glad to know that there is now such a company – Hollard Car Insurance will give you a no-obligation quote for your car insurance online based on the monthly distance you drive.

Conclusion On Why You Need Car Insurance

To wrap up it has to be said that while paying a monthly car insurance premium can be equated to a grudge expense, it is simply good planning because if you do not have it when you need it most you could be in for a huge expense as well as legal action.

Can you really afford not to have car insurance cover especially when you can get such low premiums by comparing car insurance quotes?

So there is simply no excuse for not having your vehicle insured especially when there are such cheap car insurance options available.

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