SASSA Loans Online

SASSA Loans, SASSA Grants

To get your SASSA loans online, or grants, you will first need to complete the Sassa loan application.

If you meet the criteria for SASSA loans online (South African Social Security Agency) you will need to complete the Sassa loan application which looks like the one in the image below.

SASSA is a national agency, of the South African Government, created to administer the application, approval & payment of social grants in South Africa to qualifying citizens.

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SASSA Loans & grants exist in order to alleviate & prevent poverty as well as to help vulnerable South Africans within the constitutional legislative framework – you can read more about Sassa here.

8 Types Of SASSA Grants

Sassa Loans Online

SASSA Loans Online

  1. Social Relief of Distress
  2. Grants-in-aid
  3. Child Support Grant
  4. Foster Care Grant
  5. Care Dependency Grant
  6. War Veteran’s Grant
  7. Disability Grant
  8. Grants for Older Persons

SASSA Loan Application & Grants

To get your SASSA loan application processed you should apply at the SASSA Office nearest to where you live.

However, should you be too old or sick to go to the office to apply for a loan or grant, then a family member or friend is allowed to apply on your behalf.

SASSA loans are for amounts from R240 to a maximum of R1000 over 1 to 6 months.

More About Your SASSA Application

Sassa Application Form

Typical SASSA Application Form

  • The application form needs to be completed in the presence of an officer from SASSA
  • Once your application is completed & handed in you will be provided with a receipt for it
  • This receipt is important as it is your only proof of your SASSA application which you will need if you want to follow up on the application
  • It is free to apply, so the application will not cost you a cent
  • Should your application be declined, you need to be informed in writing by Sassa as to why your application was unsuccessful
  • If you think your application should’ve been approved you can appeal the decision. This appeal needs to be done in writing (within 90 days of notification) & submitted to the Minister for Social Development with reasons as to why you disagree with their decision.

SASSA Contact Details

If you can’t get to your closest SASSA office you can contact them as follows;

For SASSA loans & grants you should contact Grants Enquiries on the following number/s or email;

  • SASSA Toll free: 0800 60 10 11 or CPS 0800 60 01 60
  • or Phone Moneyline Finacial Services (Pty) Ltd at 0801 11 18 80 or +27 11 343 2086 to find out the location of their nearest office to you
  • Email:
  • Or visit the SASSA website

More On SASSA Loans & Grants

Sassa Grants

SASSA Grants

  • Social grants are paid out anywhere in the country regardless of where the social grant beneficiary lives
  • Applicants can apply for grants & loans in any city or province in the country
  • The waiting period for your grant has been reduced from 3 months to 14 working days
  • Pay points have been established at every 50 km radius making it easier for beneficiaries to get to any pay point to receive their grants
  • Pay points without humane facilities, electricity, proper sitting and security arrangements have been eradicated
  • Staff manning the pay points have been properly recruited (with security clearance) to avoid having people with criminal intentions running the pay points – this makes it safer for beneficiaries to collect their money.

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  3. Mark fortuin says:

    Need a loan under debt review please need help

  4. Mark fortuin says:

    Waiting to hear from you

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hi Mark

      Unfortunately being under debt review precludes you from getting loans through the normal channels so you really have to rely on loan lenders who are willing to contravene the act by granting loans.

      For more info please go to the following link;

      PS. If you do get a loan from one of the lenders mentioned above, please ensure that you are not signing for unrealistic repayment terms and/or interest rates just to get granted a loan

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  8. petunia says:

    does sassa give out small loans like under 50 000 or even above because i would really appreciate if i can get serious money to purchase a house from a private seller as i don’t qualify for a bond house.

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hi Petunia

      At the moment SASSA is going through a bit of a crisis & even beneficiaries aren’t even getting there monthly grants paid out so I’m not sure whether you would be able to get a loan of around R50,000.

      What about applying for a personal loan at the link below – you can get up to R150,000;

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