RDP Housing

RDP Housing Application

RDP Housing Application

How to get an RDP house

Currently statistics show that almost 20% of South African households consist of people living in RDP houses which are government subsidised homes.

It therefore seems that the RDP housing system is a real solution for many people in South Africa, who do not earn enough to qualify for a normal home loan, to have in their own homes.

While this may be providing a solution for many, the waiting lists for RDP housing is significantly large & the quality of these type of low cost houses is often below standard with thin walls & leaking roofs with most of these type of complaints coming from the Western, Eastern & Northern Cape provinces.

However attention is being given to these issues by the authorities so it is definitely worth applying if you qualify.

Unfortunately it is not as simple as that, as to get an RDP housing application approved, the applicant may not earn more than a certain amount (R3000 per month) which means that people who earn more than the maximum to qualify for an RDP house but less than the required amount to qualify for a home loan, will have a difficult time in getting financing to buy any sort of house.

RDP Housing Application

RDP Housing in South AfricaTo get your house, you need to start the RDP housing application process which begins by contacting your ward councillor in your area & to provide them with all the necessary documentation such as ID documents, proof of income etc.

A screening process is then performed & the successful candidates identified.

Furthermore in order to qualify for a 100% RDP subsidy you will need to earn between R0 & R3500 per month.

If an applicant’s income is higher than the maximum amount, the amount of the subsidy will decrease accordingly.

If the RDP housing application is approved the applicant will then receive the house together with the plot of land it is built on & all the relevant services in terms of water & electricity, sewerage etc.

A further subsidy can be applied for by the home owner, in the form of an indigent subsidy which subsidises the cost of the services if the owner earns less than R1000 a month.

For this extra subsidy, home owners need to apply at the indigent office & also need to go through this application process every year as the income status of the resident may change.

Criteria To Qualify For a RDP House

To be successful with your RDP house application you need to fulfill the following criteria;

  • You must be a SA citizen with a vaild SA ID document
  • You need to be over 21 years of age
  • Your total household income cannot exceed R3500 per month
  • You need to be married or live with your partner or have dependents
  • You cannot have owned property previously or currently anywhere in South Africa – you need to be a first time home owner

Please note that these conditions can change at any time.

More Issues on RDP Houses

  • Applicants should bear in mind that they will only be able to get one housing subsidy ever & will never be granted another one
  • RDP house cannot be sold or rented out – they are provided solely for the applicant’s accommodation
  • Any RDP owner wanting to extend or renovate their house before eight years of ownership will need to obtain permission from their local municipality
  • Special treatment is given to disabled applicants – the design of the house may also be changed to accommodate the special needs of the person’s disability

Middle Class Income Groups Who Do Not Qualify For RDP Housing

Applying For a Home Loan Is Probably the Only Option For Those Middle Income Groups Who Earn Too Much For a RDP House

For those whose income is too high to be considered for RDP housing will need to apply for a home loan in order to buy or build their own houses.

This however is easier said than done as with the new Credit Act home loans are only granted on affordability once all your usual expenses are taken into account.

So while the interest rates are at all time lows, lending institutions are extremely reluctant to grant home loans to applicants whose earnings are borderline.

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132 comments on “RDP Housing
  1. ngoako says:

    Hi, I have a problem that need your solution, I have been living with both parents for more than 10years in the RDP then it happpened that my father passed away in 2008 my uncle came with papers that this is his house me and my mother we have to move out.but it ddint happen then in 2014 my mother passed away and my uncle came again with papers wrrten tht this RDP it is his own.. My mother told me that it haPpened that when there RDP house was registerd they found my uncle in my fathers stand and my father was at work and they registerd with my uncles documents.. Can I get any solution?

  2. jodash govender says:

    hi my name is jodash govender i want to apply for a rdp home i have one kid my wife is umemployed i will be appreciated if you could help me in regards to get a rdp home. im renting at the moment and i have been told to get a place as soon as possible

    kind regards
    jodash govender

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hi Jodash

      To apply for a RDP house you’ll need to contact the ward councillor in your area & provide them with all the necessary documentation such as ID documents, proof of income etc.

  3. Hlengiwe says:

    how do i register for rdp house? im in johanneburg

  4. vidah says:

    Hello I need to know how can I apply for RDP house am staying with my husband and our son

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hi Vidah

      If your combined income is less than R3500 per month you should qualify as long as you’re SA citizens and married (you say you are).
      So to apply for a RDP house you need to contact the ward councillor in your area & to provide them with all the necessary documentation such as ID documents, proof of income etc.

      Hope this helps you?

  5. Mnyamezeli says:

    Hi’ I’m Mnyamezeli Mabizela,from Dlamimi I’vbeen aplied for a RDP house its being 5 years now, eveytime when I go an check at housing in Joburg they told me its still early for me, they deal with people who aplied from 1996 and 1998, any1 with imfo plz.

  6. SIMANGELE M says:


    • Nthabiseng says:



    • Theo says:

      What happen in the case of an orphan who’s under the age of 21.what’s the procedure to follow in order to get the RDP house

  7. nosihle says:

    I need rdp house on behalf of nosihle urica mdakane can please you please find it for me

  8. MarthaMbathani says:

    Hi , I’m Martha I’m from SA I aplied for RDP house since 2005 til Now, I’m now werkimg I earn 6000 , so I want knw if do qaulify or not if not do I qualify for low cost houses?

  9. Elliot says:

    I will like to find out how do I register for an RDP house or Rent to buy a house, im currently renting in Northgate and I have 4 dependent.

    I don’t have an idea who is the councillor of this area that im currently in.

    kindly advise 0796063544

  10. Selina Nthabiseng Madisaotsile says:

    Hi i applied for an RDP house in 2009 i did my application at housing department in Johannesburg so i would like to know how do i get information on when am i getting a house, who do i call or where do i go to check please assist

    Thank You

  11. Cynthia says:

    Hi my Name is Cynthia I’ve applied for and RDP house in 2008 it seemed promising and there after it was quite I did a follow up and I was told by the Department of home affaires that there other houses being built we will then be notified, and surprisingly my friend applied in 2012 but she has received the house, so what do I do now please help.

  12. Masande Vuba says:

    Hi name is Masande Vuba I did apply for RDP house and I want to know how far now

  13. Xoliswa says:

    hi my name is Xoliswa Mkole I’ve applied for RDP house since 2004,but people who applied in 2012 they are staying in their RDP houses,what is going on

  14. I want to know how far to get approval letter iD number 8006010854080 seen I apply 2000 until now

  15. Emelia says:

    hi my name is Emelia Zimema I applied for rdp house since 2004 I’m still waiting wat I have to do to get it like a single mother with three children I’m earning 3000 a month

  16. lynette says:

    hi im katrin mahlangu im living in mpumalanga at kwamhlanga i have been applying for an RDP house since 2012 an im a single mother living with my 5 children in a sing room of shack so to say the councilor of this Area has failed my application with the pay slip of R900 a month as a public work project so where do i go n do please help me

  17. Zainap says:

    Good day my name is zainap i have 3 dependants a single parent and i am evicted from the yard im currently stayin on my ward councilor said i should find out about projects and none is happening in our area plz some help will b appreciated i am on the housing waitin list for 12 years

  18. Mandisa says:

    Good day

    My name is Mandisa.I would like to know if it’s possible to apply for RDP house while there’s no income

    • Thulani says:

      Hi Mandisa

      Yes you can apply for the RDP as long as you have all the documents and affidavit that proves that you’re not working and you stand a greater chance of qualifying a 100% bond.

  19. Nippy Mashabela says:

    Hi. I’m Nippy Mashabela,i stay at Soshanguve. I’m a male of about 35 years. I since applied for an RDP house back in september 2014 at Soshanguve municipal offices and i did’nt hear from from them up to now. Is it right if i go check with them at the office or do i wait. Another question! My dad happened to have applied at Midrand back in 1995 or 1996 not so sure,i remember he even have those papers with him he once show us,unfortunatly he passed away in 1997 before those houses were released around 1998-1999 at Tembisa. We’ve seached for those documents but we could’nt find them so i want to know is it possible to can go check using his ID book or what?
    N Mashabela

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hi Nippy

      Here are some contact details that you can use to chase up on your application;

      Tel: 012 358 1167
      Mr Bradley Rathumbu
      Manager: Waiting List and Subsidy Administration

      Tel: 012 358 1124
      Mr Peggy Rathete
      Deputy Manager: Waiting List and Subsidy Administration

      Or these Satellite offices for Tshwane

      Satellite offices
      Mabopane/Winterveld 012 358 9737
      Ga-Rankuwa 012 358 9862
      Hammanskraal/Temba 012 358 9816
      Soshanguve/Akasia 012 358 9270
      Centurion/Laudium/Laezonia 012 358 3888
      Mamelodi 012 358 5546
      City centre 012 358 4315
      Atteridgeville 012 358 5003

  20. Zipho says:

    Why only two people have been replied to when there are so many enquirie, what’s the point of this?

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hello Zipho

      Anyone who has useful information or experience with RDP houses can comment, it would be appreciated.

      Otherwise issues should be taken up with the relevant ward councillor or the are municipality’s housing debt.

      For instance the City Of Cape Town has an online query form to find your status on the Housing Database here: https://web1.capetown.gov.za/web1/HWL2012Online/

      But of anyone has more info please contribute

  21. Kaytee says:


    My mother applied for an RDP house in 1996. Sadly, she passed on in 2008. My brother and I were left without a place to stay. We went to the Department of housing to enquire about the house. We were told that the house will be forfeited as the applicant has passed on. We were told we had to apply from scratch. We are still renting. Is that how it is really done? Is there nothing that can be done to get at least a subsidy of plot only?

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hi Kaytee

      I’m really sorry to hear about this, not to mention the frustration of being told you have to start the process from scratch.

      As I’m not personally involved in housing or RDP houses in any way I can’t give you meaningful advice other than to suggest you approach somebody higher up (a senior supervisor or MP) in your city/municipality’s housing dept directly to find out where you stand – maybe the person you spoke to wasn’t entirely correct but couldn’t be bothered to find out exactly what the situation is.

      Good luck

  22. Nomazizi Virginia Zembe says:

    Im staying in service plot that was my late gran parents is 25 years old almost everybody in our neighbourdood got rdp or subsidy houses i find out when i enquire at nyanga housing office in 2014 that the plot wasnt registered im on a process of getteing the title deeds in my name soon im in housing waiting list from 2008 i apply while i was back yard dweller im receiving a disability grant i apply at php housing project for subsidy they told me they waiting for title deeds i stay in nyanga cape town my no is 0711168070.

  23. Moses sebata says:

    I just want to know about the waiting list of olieven is going to be published at community center or what

  24. Mandla Mguli says:

    My name is Mandla Mguli I applied a subsidy house on 2012 what must i do bcz Im still holding my subsidy house number I need help

  25. thembinkosi says:

    sir or madam i am not working .i aply the rdp house wile i was working can i aply govment subsides housing becouse my wife still working

  26. Zibuyile Mbatha says:

    My name is Zibuyile Mbatha.I’m staying in my parents house and I’m a paraplegia. I recently got discharged at the hospital but I’m having problems of settling in because are facilities which I don’t go to because the place is for people who are walking.So I wondering if I can get RDP House for people who lives with disability? I’m in Durban, Folweni.

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hi Zibuyile

      I’m sorry to hear about your difficult situation and all I can suggest is that you contact your ward councillor & explain the situation & perhaps they can do something to speed up the RDP process for you.

  27. hi l want to apply for a RDp House l a m struggling to raise money to buy ahouse for my family l have five children with no proper place to stay .

  28. louise says:

    How can i apply for an RDP House. I am currantly staying in Daspoort, \mountain view area.

  29. Kedibone Kekana says:

    Hi i’m Kedibone i applied an RDP house since 2006,i still waiting for subsidy form.I want to know where i will get it.I don’t have a place to stay bcs my families house has been sold

  30. Japhta Mnguni says:

    I am Jamani Johannes Mokena ,I applied for the RDP House at Delmas Botleng in 2003 and was delined:Reason being procedurally incorrect?My ID I 640412622908 the project No was E996060001/1 on site No 6966X.
    Please check I don’t have a place to stay.

  31. Hi am Dingaan twala I have applied for an rdp house and it was not succesfull I want to now why because am a pensionner

  32. naledi says:

    hi I want to apply for an RDP in lufereng, can I have ward council contact details please and what are the requirements??

  33. Naledi says:

    hi I wanna apply for an RDP in lufereng can I have ward council contact details please

  34. joanne says:

    Hi how can i apply for a rdp house please reply

  35. Maria Motloung says:

    Hi my name is Maria Ntlemeng Motloung please contact me when my rdp has out

  36. Diyane Isaac says:

    Hi i am disabled and really searching for a rdp house in Polokwane, i have four kids and including their mother and we are 6 please help since 2012 on the waiting list until today…

  37. maria modise says:

    I’m renting a room and it is too much expensive me so I’m in need of an rdp house pls help,I live in oliven

  38. Jabulile says:

    My mom applied 4 rdp house since 1999 when she go to department of rdp house they say she qualify for bond when she go to bond housing they say she doesn’t qualify 4 bond what can she do

    Your sincerely

  39. Mphikelele Nkutha says:

    I’m Mphikeleli Nkutha I applied for RDP house in 1998 still waiting currently I’m working as security officer is the a way of me to get a low cost housing subsidy i have kids and grandchild who don’t have a proper place to call home.I’ve been renting since 2004 in different places,I can’t even teach my children a proper guidance and family values due to the fact that I’m changing places with them

  40. sphiwefakude says:

    hi am sphiwefakude ilive in mpumalanga Delmas since2013 I apply a RDP house help what is wrong with my application

  41. Nthabiseng says:


    My mother and my dad applied for an RDP houses in 1999. Sadly, my mom passed on in 2004 and my dad last year october ,while waiting to receive their rdp houses. My brother and I were left without a place to stay and we have the form c’s of our both parents. We went to the Department of housing to enquire about the house. We were told that the house will be forfeited as the applicants are deceased. We were told we had to apply from scratch. we are busy living in the squarer camps where the redacts comes everyday to torture us that we should move. Is that how it is really done? Is there nothing that can be done to get at least one RDP or subsidy of plot only?

    Hoping to hear from you soon.


  42. Daniel says:

    hi ” any advice. plz” my father did apply for rdp house okay fine then after sometime he was given the approval status shows that the house was submitted to him” then he decided to go and stay with his young brother coz he was very sick. wen he came from his brother’s place he found that someone is staying in his house” wen his ask the guy said go to department of housing they will tell you” then my father decided to go ask advice from housing.
    they tell him that the location is not yet registered the metter of location is stll in court of law” although your appearing to our system yes we agree your house number was approved but the metter is stll in court” but wat make me sad is that the matter is taking seven years now stll in court” am really confused now but the system it’s says the house belongs to my father” help please.

  43. 0720649969 says:

    Hi my mums house was taken from her and sold she now lives from house to house how can she apply r rdp house.

  44. Kedibone Kekana says:

    Since i’m waiting for reply please,i want to know how long and where can i get a subsidy

  45. Kedibone Kekana says:

    Since i’m waiting for reply please,i want to know how long and where can i get a subsidy.my numbers 0787618087

  46. Zinhle DUbe says:

    My name is Zinhle DUbe have been RDP subsidy approved but I’m not in my house due to the fact that the council who dealt with my issue is out of office. I have the approval info from my local government government office , I also went to Alberton housing department they send me back to my local office and I have recently visited the Benoni Ekhuruleni office they’re also sending me back to Alberton. I reside in daveyton etwatwa, Barcelona. Please assist please.

  47. Monica Qum says:

    My husband applied for an rdp house in 2000 butw we are still living in a shack and old we got the registration no but no delivery

  48. zweli says:

    hi my name is zweli from Alexandra I want to own an RDP house at Alexandra or near Alexandra please keep me updated on my number 071 877 9238 I wil be waiting for your feedback thank you.

  49. DEVEIKA says:

    Where do i get the application form from? Can it be downloaded over the internet or is there a number i can contact or a email address i can use?

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hi Deveika

      Generally, to apply for an RDP house you will need to get hold of your ward councillor & submit your name together with copy of identification documents

  50. Precious says:

    my mother is a non working widow, she has someone willing to sell her a house but at human settlement offices they told her that she doesn’t qualify for government house subsidy, what can she do to get help.

  51. Germinah says:

    Hi, my dad who is now a pensioner has applied for an rdp house since 1996 but to this day he still hasn’t received a house. Currently renting with his pension money. Please assist as every time we told he is still on the waiting list.

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hi Germinah

      Please contact your ward councillor to find out what’s going on with your dad’s RDP application – he should be able to help you

      • Hi am Chris Nyathi l also need to apply for aRDP House ,but am staying Yeoville in Jo”burg renting aflat the Rent there id killing Staying with wife n 4 children,do l have to go to ward Councillor or l have to go straight to Housing Dept as ma staying in Town?
        regards Chris Nyathi

  52. Why do you need to be married or have children. One of my kids currently live in the old police station. In one of the cell’s. She’s not married and lost her child after short illness. There is 3 cell’s, she and dad have each a cell and a lady and her children in another cell. In the old police station are 2 famlies.
    There are NO WATER, NO ELECTRICITY AND NO TOILET. They have ONE tap outside to use for water. Place falling apart. Dept of public works more than one’s came to decide the place are a risk for people to stay in. BUT STILL THEY DO NOT RECEIVE RDP HOUSING.

  53. Kgomotso says:

    How come applicants of 2012 got their houses but those of ’90s have not been replied to?? Government just keeps failing it’s communities

  54. siphokazi says:

    Im earning 4000 how can I get a loan I need a house to stay

  55. Thabo says:

    Hi. I’m a male of 37 years. I live with my kids at my mom’s house. I’m not working and I have no income. I’m not married. I believe that the mother of my kids has applied for rdp, but has not yet approved. He used my kids as beneficiaries, but she does not stay with my kids. We separated in 2002 and since then I’ve been staying with my kids at my mom’s. So can I qualify for rdp if I use my kids as beneficiaries even though the mother has done so already

  56. Linah says:

    I miss Lina I have 2 kids the working security need I need RDP house and my income is 3.2 per month please help me I’m Homeless I want apply app and I’m staying with my parents

  57. zoe says:

    Hi my name is Zoe my problem is my mother register a plot on my name before she pass, and I was not living with her, but my siblings where living with her since. Now the house is about to be built still I’m not staying there I’m married. Now I need to apply for my own house as my siblings own the plot. Since they are the ones living there since. Can I change the house to one of them, because they are the ones living there

    • Zweh says:

      Hi zoe

      You need to go to a police station and make a sworn affidavit stating that you wish to give the house to your siblings. But you first have to check with your housing department to see whether there is an approval on your name or not and u can take it from

  58. Nomalanga Makhubu says:

    Good day,

    My mother Registered for a RDP house back in 1999-11-19

    she hasnt heard anything ever since.

    How is this possible?

  59. Reney says:

    I desperately need a house for me and my daughter.

  60. Grace says:

    My name is Grace and I want to register for an rdp house nd I am disable. I need to know what the requirements nd hw soon can i get it


  61. liza says:

    hi i aplly for an RDP in diepkloof in 1998 i never get any respond thil today.thy keep on says i mast wait for how long

  62. Nthabiseng says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Mary Moleko and i have applied for Rdp house in johannesburg .I want to know if my house has been built and where my id number is 850414090087.thank you

  63. Thulisile says:

    Hi we want to apply for subsidy house me and my husband,how can we apply for it, please help any one with a information help us we very disparate for the house. Our contact details 0762181476/0624669979

  64. Mpho says:

    Hi,my name is Mpho,I applied for an rdp house in 2000 since now still waiting, I don’t have a place to stay worse part is I’m renting a one room rdp house an is costing us a lot,for how long should I wait as its 17 years now

  65. Eulenda Notshe says:

    Hi I’m Eulenda in cape town.I really need my own house I stay with my 2 children renting a shack in someone’s back yard tired of changing places all the time coz the landloads are rude sometimes.even now my daughter is attending school far from where we live we just moved in February she is only 13 years 0787803914 I’m a char worker working 2 days a week as a cleaner

  66. Jane Segole says:

    I did apply for rdp house in 2006 @again at my son school because of his disability in Alexandra but most patent got house but I didn’t had any news i would like any one to look at this matter please my I’d 7709160509088 @my cell number is 0839763105 thank u in advance

  67. Nthabiseng says:

    Hi my name is nthabiseng lekotlopo. I have 5 kids renting a room I applied for rdp house 2004 please help

  68. thully says:

    Hi my cousin he apply for rdp house 1986 at tembisa ekurhulen he never received anything can someone help him

  69. tshepo says:

    hy iam tshepo frm gauteng I wanna ask its possible to register a house with 1 child plz I need answer plz any 1 who knows.

  70. Sylvia says:

    Hi my name is Sylvia mofokeng my granny applied for Rdp house in 1999 and leave it under my name she died in 2010 when I go to housing bord to check the house they say the application is incomplete she did not do the subside……what can I do I really need your help please

    Your sincerely
    Sylvia mofokeng

  71. Bongekile says:

    Hi I want to know how can I apply for an Rdp house…I’m 22 year’s old with a 4 year old son…live with my mother who works as a maid part time we depending on her…coz I’m not working an the moment ,she renting at the moment .and that place we living in is not in a good condition especially for my 4 year old

  72. matshidiso says:

    hi i want to know how to apply for subsidy and which offices to apply in?,bcoz at housing department they said I should apply when there’s community meetings which talks about subsidies.of which is difficult because most times we are not alight when the are meetings,I’m matshidiso from sebokeng vereening.

  73. Norry says:

    I want to know if I qualify for an rdp house as I’m married to someone who owns one,my name is not there

  74. channal says:

    Hi I wanna know if I’m quality for a RDP house I’m married and we don’t have a house we renting

  75. LEBOGANG says:

    Hey I’m 23yrs old I have one child,I’m earning R2800 permonth I want to one where I can register for RDP around Johannesburg please..

  76. LEBOGANG says:

    I want to know where I can register for RDP

  77. Nonkosi Mahlasela says:

    Hi i’m Nonkosi staying in Durban cbd struggling to get rdp house please help me tired of sharing a flat can’t afford to have my own space please help me

  78. Nosipho says:

    my is nosipho I applied for rdp in 2014 but even now no respond or anything

  79. Zandile Mkhize says:

    Dear sir/madam

    My name is Zandile Mkhize I applied for rdp house 2005 since then I haven’t received my house my id number is 8409151107088 please help me thank u.

    Yours faithfully

  80. Zandile Mkhize says:

    Dear sir/madam

    My name is Zandile Mkhize I applied for rdp house 2005 since then I haven’t received my house my id number is 8409151107088 please help me my number is 0735521992 thank u.

    Yours faithfully

  81. Hajirah Felix says:

    I would like to apply for a RDP house. Im currently staying with my parents. I’m from Kensington Cape Town

  82. dimphiwe says:

    Hi there I am dimphiwe mvumbi and I live in Bloemfontein. I am looking for an rdp any house because I am not educated, not even working and no siblings its just me and my sisters please call me here 0789399955 thanks

  83. Nosipho sebalabala says:

    Hi I’m Nosipho sebalabala I just found out that I’m not going to get a house bcoz I’m 27 people that will get house are starting at age 35,what worries me most is that I have dependents my both parents past on so we have no one in our life I’m not even working and this happens to us I’m the older one in the house.I live with my 2sister’s,1brother,my child and my 2niece. Can we please get some help or an answer if we can get house at my age.

  84. Nonkosi Mahlasela says:

    Thank you for your reply, but its very difficult cause my area is under DA they always say its ANC who supposed to deliver they dont get money from them, i’m staying in Glenwood Durban

  85. Hi , My name is S’thembele ka Sandlana. I am living in Gauteng East Rand. I am married , a father of 4 kids, l and my wife have been applied for an RDP house 6 years ago since then no response. l really do not know , if we gonna keep on Renting till when. What makes me feel so sad people from other Countries ( foreigners) owning houses l am no being rude. lam not complaining but our Government will have to work little bit harder , l think no sure the of the country have lost hope. it looks like the South African Government only cares about foreign people, excuse my language . l am not selfish , People who have applied for Rdp houses they must’ nt think that they will get / have the houses. The officials knows that, they selling our land to other African countries Eg Zimbabwe , Nigeria, Lesotho , Mozambique. l don’t care if I get or not , l am interested anymore.

  86. Ruth Ngema says:

    Hi I’m Ruth from inanda we stay 8 of us in 3 room house, I’m have 3 dependent n my sister have 2 dependent my mother an father passed away last year and my brothers son stay together
    Can I quilify for Rdp I work in the garage

  87. Naye says:


    I’m a single parent who earns R8000 per month. How do I go about applying for a house since I don’t qualify for a RDP House or a Home Loan?

  88. Andrew Lucas Mahlangu says:


  89. Fikile says:

    Hi im Fikile I just want to know if you earn 3900 n u don’t qualify for rdp n a bond house how can you help us.coz it’s funny our government gives us grant for children if you earn 4500 but he can’t give us housing n I think it’s better to have a house than child grant

  90. Namazwi Anele says:

    I am disabled need a RDP house even 2 room will b enough for me as long as there will be toilet inside and water please help me what should i do i am staying at marian hill ward 14

    • zukiswa Miranda Mda says:

      Hi please i need to apply for an rdp house for East London, i am a single parent of 2 kids, working as a domestic weather , a south african citizen

  91. abraham says:

    im looking for a rdp house for me and my wife and child in mitchells plain

  92. Daniel says:

    Hi my name is Daniel Molete I have married a woman from Lesotho she only have ID but its non citizens will I be able to apply Rdp house because I have a stand at Grasmere finetown.

  93. Daniel says:

    Its Daniel I need to know if I will be able to apply for Rdp house if my wife is a non citizen and we got marriage certificate and a permanent residence and her non citizenship ID.

  94. MK MUKHUNI says:


  95. Mandy Jiri says:

    Dear All

    I would like to apply for a RDP house as my living conditions is so bad and I am currently looking for a house.
    I am extremely desperate,

    I am living in the Milnerton area, Western Cape South Africa.

  96. Mimie says:

    HI I am a middle class earner. according to the RDP regulations i dnt qualify and i have been declined for a home loan. How are people in my situation assisted.

    • ZOLEKA says:

      Dear Sir/Madam

      I am Zoleka Nyembezi and married to Sithembele Nyembezi, with two children. We staying at the Formal Settlements at Braelyn extension 10. Both me and my husband are physically challenged ( Disability). We need a house. I am working at Rennies Travel Agency (Private Company) my husband is not working at all.

      I am earning this much R7176.15 before deductions, after its R6564.48. When we went to Buffalo City Municipality to apply for a RDP House, they said we do not qualify for a RDP as my Salary is more than R3500.00. We do not even qualify to rent the Municipality house. (rental Houses).

      May you please advise us with other options to find a house, maybe with the subsidy that we qualify for. At the bank I was told that I need to earn R8000.00 a month…

      • MrMoneySense says:

        Hi Zoleka

        I’m sorry to hear of your situation – if anyone can help please submit your response here.

        Note: I’ve edited your ID No’s & other details out of this comment to avoid you being scammed or becoming a victim of identity theft…

  97. bulelwa says:

    good day i would like to apply for a house subsidy how do i start the process or where do i apply

  98. Debbie says:

    Good Morning i applied in 1987 and is on the list for housing now only,when i called to asked they said i don’t qualify now due to the fact that i was living in a house but was kicked out of the house by the community because they decided that i should not be there.I was living in my parents back yard and they sold their house and now i have no where to go.Please help me in this regard cause people with better situations get houses but not me.What can i do to get my place that is due to me??

    • Samuel Zwelimangele Magushana ID.NO.6804…,Sylvia Phiri ID.NO.7501… & Cathrine Magdeline Nkosi ID.NO.5004… we were registered since 1996 but nothing happen,people came after have been our places than we rent from them Thank you kindly regard SZ MAGUSHANA

      Edit: ID Nos edited to protect you from ID theft..

  99. Melanie persence says:

    Hi am on a waiting list from 2005 and I never get a house l went to my ward council and she told me I must be 40 yes old to get a house but people younger then me have rdp houses please answer me I can’t stay in a garage for the rest of my life with my kids

  100. Beautu says:

    Is the person who working at golden arrow company qualified for a RDP houses? Because there is a lot of them they have a RDP houses, all though the is a people they are not working at all but the do not working. How can this things happened

  101. Sisiwe says:

    hi MY NAME IS Sisiwe i was mrrie and i divorce long time ago its now 13 out of marriage i never own Rdp now someone is selling her rdp House can i claim my subsidy or how plz?

  102. Hi myname is Minenhle Im a single Mother of 4 living at home bbut at home theres a lot of us with ourchildren and all.Ima basically looking for an RDp house because I need to have a stable home for mychildren before i die because i can see that if i were to die now mykids willbe kicked out at home.I really need a place to stay asap Im mased in Durban Ntuzuma.Please really help

  103. Tyrone Jones says:

    Hi my Name Tyrone married 03/06/2017 and have 2 kids 6 years old and 2 years old me and my wife would like to have our own property we both have a job im earning R6800 a month and my wife R4500 a month please can you assist us we in Cape town Elsies River God Bless

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