Quick Online Loans South Africa

Quick Online Loans South Africa – Hopon Loans

Hopon Loans offer quick online loans South Africa to all citizens who meet the loan criteria (below).

It’s so quick & easy to apply for these quick online loans in South Africa that anyone can do it 24/7.

All you need to do is complete this quick & easy secure online form & you will get a decision instantly from Hopon Loans.

Hopon loans will tell you exactly how much you will owe and what your repayments will be for these type of quick online loans.

There are absolutely zero hidden fees or costs with Hopon Loans South Africa.

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3 Good Reasons To Apply For Hopon Loans

Quick Online Loans South Africa

Get Instant Approval For Quick Online Loans

  1. You will get an instant decision on your loan application
  2. You don’t have to fill in heaps of paperwork…
    in fact no paperwork is required
  3. HopOn Loans are tailor made to your needs…
    you can choose the exact amount you want to borrow & for how long so you won’t be over committed to higher repayments than you can afford.


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Criteria To Qualify For Hopon Loans

If you meet the following criteria you can apply for your Hopon Loan for anything up to R50,000 here

  • You need to have a South Africa Identity Document with SA ID number
  • You need to be between the ages of 22 and 60 years old
  • You need to have full time employment & be able to provide proof of this by way of salary or pay slips
  • You need to have a personal bank account in your name
  • You need to have your own email address and cell phone number

To Get Instant Approval For Loans Up To R50,000, Click Here »

What Do You Need To Apply For Your Loan?

HopOn Loans

Once You’ve Applied & Submitted the Docs Requested, You’ll Be Notified Almost Immediately Whether Your Loan Has Been Approved By HopOn Loans

Before applying for your loan online make sure you have the following close by as you may need to scan & email them to get your HopOn loan approved

  • A copy of your SA ID showing your South African ID number
  • Your personal banking information
  • Your last 3 bank statements

Once you’ve sent your docs & your loan is approved you’ll have the money in your account almost immediately.

Hopon Loans Repayment Amounts

Example of HopOn’s Loan RePayment Amounts
Loan AmountHow Long?Monthly RepaymentTotal Interest & FeesTotal Loan Repayment Amount
R5,00010 MonthsR761.37R2,613.65R7,613.65
R20,00015 MonthsR1960.86R9412.87R29412.87
R35,00018 MonthsR2898.02R17164.41R52164.41
R50,00036 MonthsR2672.76R46208.67R96208.67
* This is only an estimate of your monthly loan repayment which could be re-assessed according to your affordability in which case your interest rate could be changed.Please note these amounts & charges may be subject to change without notice

Go to Hopon Loans here to select the exact amount you want to borrow & for how long to see exactly how much your loan repayments will be

About Hopon Loans South Africa

Hopon Loans South Africa

Hopon Loans South Africa

  • HopOn Loans, previously known as Izwe Loans, has been providing quick online loans in South Africa to people requiring flexible short term loans for those unexpected expenses & cash requirements.
  • HopOn Loans South Africa was born in 2015 & gained instant popularity for its simple online loan system.
  • Hopon Loans’ quick online loans system enables the client to get instant approval decisions without having to fill in tons of forms & papers.

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    Hi guys do you give loans to people under debt review? …I need a 2 months loan but I’m under debt review.

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    Hi there. I do not get a pay check my pay goes in bank strait away via EFT can I still apply for a loan

  3. Donovan says:

    Hi, i am under debt review but need R25000 cash urgently, i can pay R1500 back a month.

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    Hello need a loan asap I’m on dept review and need a loan to fix my car please phone 0826941202

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    Hi guys i’m under debt review and need R10 000 urgently. i can pay R1500 back every month.

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    I need a loan of R15000.00 A.S.A.p I am currently under debt review..i need to pay a deposit to buy a house and buy some household furniture furniture..please do assist

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    I need R50000 urgently, I can repay R2000 per month, I’m also on debt review

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