Pravin vs Zuma

The Battle For the Treasury – Pravin vs Zuma

Things are getting dirty as the Pravin vs Zuma battle for control of the Treasury is on.

It seems like Zuma is desperate to restore the status quo of having having someone pliable, such as a certain Des van Rooyen, running the Treasury.

Prior to the Finance Minister delivering his Budget, Zuma publicly stated that Desmond van Rooyen, was “the most qualified minister he had ever appointed to that post” – wow, talk about undermining Pravin.

Pravin is not dancing to Zuma’s tune & is in for a rough ride while the President attempts to out him.Pravin vs Zuma

Pravin Gordhan is being investigated by the Hawks in a surprise move in what seems to be a proxy war between the president and the finance minister.

Gordhan has also stated that “Moyane must go or I go, says Gordhan”

Moyane, Revenue Service (SARS) commissioner, appears to be Zuma compliant & has purged SARS of people associated with Mr Gordhan — who is also a former SARS commissioner.

Former Minister of Finance Nhlanhla Nene was the first one to feel the wrath of Zuma & was fired ostensibly for looking at governance in state owned enterprises and capital projects that were unaffordable for the country’s economy.

This was a little too close to the bone for Zuma & friends at SAA.

These actions have therefore been seen to have angered President Jacob Zuma, leading to Nene’s ousting on December 9, 2015.

The extraordinary events following that evening have been well documented.

The ANC is always at pains to say that the country’s woes cannot be blamed on just one man, but he certainly almost single handly ruined the South African economy.

The worry is that he seems hell bent on getting it right this time by ousting Pravin Gordhan.

Watch this space….



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