Loans For People Under Administration

Under Administration & Need a Loan

Is it possible to get loans for people under administration?

That is the question many people under admin want to hear a positive answer to, however in South Africa it is actually illegal to take out a loan while you are under administration.

In fact the last thing you need to do is to seek out a loan from a loan shark as you will only worsen your financial situation & more than likely be unable to make the high interest repayments normally demanded by these type of loan lenders.

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Furthermore being under administration means that a legal judgement has been made to ensure that your financial decisions & money management is handled by your legal administrator.

Can You Get a Loan If You Are Under Administration

Can You Get a Loan If You Are Under Administration

Therefore, perhaps your first port of call should be with the person who has been appointed to manage your financial affairs.

Discuss the problem with your legal administrator & look for a sensible solution to your immediate pressing financial requirements.

So when you really need extra money, and while it is difficult to accept at the time, the most sensible thing to do is to tough it out, exercise extreme discipline & you will eventually get through the bad patches.

However, the worst thing you can do is to get into more debt just for short term relief, as in the long term it will not only be against the law, but it will have an extremely adverse effect on your debt situation & end up making your financial woes even more dire.

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Under Administration Need a Loan

Notwithstanding the above, there are certain lending institutions (good & bad) who will provide you with credit if you are desperate.

A word of caution: do not in-debt yourself to an agreement whereby you will be required to make unrealistic or impossible re-payments at exorbitant interest rates as you’ll only make your financial situation worse.

So if you do enter into an agreement for a short term loan just make sure that you have a plan to ensure that you will be able to meet the terms & conditions of the agreement.

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41 comments on “Loans For People Under Administration
  1. Diana says:

    Need a loan but on debt review

  2. Need a loan under admin contact number 0624040132

  3. Jacques says:

    Hi I’m for the past 10 years under admin and I’m trying to get out of it but don’t have the capital to finish it I have tryd to ally for loan to pay off that admin but with no success.

  4. Marcy says:


    I’m currently under administration been since 2008
    I’m permanently employed I need 20000.00 is there any place that could assist pls?

    • Karen Bailie says:

      Good day,

      I have also been under administration since 2010 and still owe R11000.00 – the orginal amount that I owed was R15000.00 – please could someone urgently help with a loan of R15000.00 so that I am not out on the street after the 7th of February

      Thanks a lot.

      • MrMoneySense says:

        Hi Karen

        For anyone under admin or under debt review you’ll find it hard to get a loan from a reputable lender as by law they cannot provide loans under these circumstances.

        However, there are those less reputable lenders who’ll be willing to lend you money but with really severe repayment terms & high interest rates. I would strongly urge you not to sign a loan under these conditions as if you think your financial situation is dire now, this sort of funding has the potential to make your life a living hell.

  5. Ntombi says:

    Hi I’m under administration I need a loan as soon as possible please help

  6. Zola says:

    Hai I’m under administration order I need loan R100,000 here is my number 0835885836

  7. Baleseng says:

    HI I need a loan, I am under Admin for 3yrs now and I am paying very well. I need 15000-20000, to do other things with this loan. my number 0817412630. I can pay atleast 1500-2500 pm depending on the loan term.

  8. Joseph says:

    I need loan urgently I’m under administration pls help me

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hi Joseph

      Being under administration means that you aren’t legally entitled to get more credit or loans so traditional lending companies won’t be keen to violate the law & will therefore decline you if you apply.
      Your only option, which I discourage you from taking as you could end up in more debt, is to take a loan from one of the no-brand lenders who I can’t vouch for & who might charge more interest so please be careful.

  9. Calvin says:

    Hi am under adminstrater for 4years now,pleas help I need a loan,10, contact is0723983621

  10. Mary says:

    hi need a serious loan under debt review. R20000 will be enough need it today.will start paying end of Jan R1200 a month

    • MrMoneySense says:

      Hi Mary

      Unfortunately being under debt review precludes you from getting loans through the normal channels so you really have to rely on loan lenders who are willing to contravene the act by granting loans.

      For more info please go to the following link;

      PS. If you do get a loan from one of the lenders mentioned above, please ensure that you are not signing for unrealistic repayment terms and/or interest rates just to get granted a loan

  11. Tshepiso tsotetsi says:

    I need a loan of 50000 to clear all my debt and name

  12. nosicelo veronica Mkosi says:

    Hi I’m Nosie I need 100000 to clear all the debts I have my no is 0794887991

  13. strydom says:

    Please contact me regarding loan 0621616612

  14. Siya says:

    I’m under administration and i need some cash to clear all my debts.

  15. Prenash says:

    I am under debit review, but in the position to apply for a loan. I can afford 2000.00 a month…contact me on 0840984614

  16. Nqobile says:

    Hi I need a loan and im under administration amount of 100 000

  17. nelisiwe says:

    Hi I really do need a loan,to start my life again.Please help

  18. siph says:

    Hi am under administration for two I was owing 15000 when I get a statement this month 14407 please any one who can help me with a loan to pay all my account 0781502102

  19. Thabang nkosi says:

    Need a loan of R9000 but still under debt admin.. I need it urgently tried every bank but cant be helped.

  20. I’m under administration and I need a loan to clear my name my balance is 7000 my number 0818978484

  21. Berry says:

    Hi I’m under admin and all I need is a R5000 to get myself out of this mess I’m in owing local money lender who’s making my life a living hell.. Plzzz help me someone plzzz

  22. Mlungisi says:

    I am under admin, have a full time job and need a R5000 loan and will be able to pay it in 6 months

  23. Jessica says:

    Good day

    Am under administration already, please assist me with a loan of 60 000 – 0642330685
    I just need a financial break through pls.

  24. Albert vusi cindi says:

    Need loan bt under administration

  25. Margariet says:

    Hi goodday iam currently under administration Iam so desperate for a loan of 5000 just to pay my small debt iam so stress out dontI no wht to do anymore.I do work an is permanent.

  26. nomthandazo says:

    Himy name is nomthandazo im under administration if you can assist me with a loan amount of 12000

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