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Legal Aid South Africa

For anyone living in South Africa it will pay you to have 24/7 access to legal aid & to be legal wise.

It is advisable to have peace of mind knowing that you have a lawyer or attorney just a phone call away to protect & defend you against any civil, labour or criminal matter that may arise unexpectedly.

In fact, when you need legal aid in a hurry, it will be comforting to know that you have a comprehensive legal insurance plan that you can depend on for legal advice and assistance from professional, fully qualified, experienced and admitted attorneys, over the telephone or to represent you in court.

You never know when you will need professional legal counsel & you could thank your lucky stars for having an affordable legal insurance plan in place that you can call on at any time.

It’s a small price to pay to have a lawyer on your side to handle anything including a criminal matter, a civil case, a labour dispute, debt & bankruptcy issues or just to get you off a drunk driving case.

Get access to affordable & professional legal counsel here, it could save you a lot of money & stress when you need it most

10 Benefits Of a Top Legal Insurance Aid Plan

  1. Legal Aid
    Having access to professional Legal counsel who can quickly assess your crisis and refer you to the appropriate attorney to handle your case should it be required to go to court.
  2. Having one-on-one legal counselling & assistance with the attorney allocated to your case.
  3. Access to 24-hour legal assistance via a hot line.
  4. Nationwide access to a network of experienced & professional attorneys who can represent you.
  5. Having legal counsellors who can provide you with valuable advice, write “lawyers” letters on your behalf as well as attempt to resolve legal issues out of court.
  6. Providing help when it comes to getting debt relief, negotiating debt settlements, debt consolidations, negotiating payment extensions, having blacklisting cleared & attending to bankruptcy issues.
  7. Legal aid insurance plans usually cost around R75 per month for which you could get between R75,000 – R200,000 cover per case
  8. Cover for criminal matters including;
    • murder
    • culpable homicide
    • rape
    • robbery
    • assault
    • blackmail
    • theft
    • housebreaking
    • fraud
    • attempting to commit any of the above
  9. Legal WiseCover for civil matters including;
    • road accident fund claims (RAF)
    • motor vehicle accidents
    • insurance claims & disputes
    • debt & bankruptcy
    • private money lending/borrowing disputes
    • disputes with neighbours (excessive noise, unruly behaviour, etc.)
    • disputes with contractors such as electricians, plumbers, builders, etc
  10. Cover for labour matters including;
    • unfair dismissals
    • disciplinary hearings
    • representation at CCMA hearings

An effective legal aid plan should aim to remedy any injustice, inequality or infringement on a person’s individual rights…

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With all of these benefits anyone living in South Africa would be crazy not to have access to this type of affordable legal aid for such a small monthly premium.

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One comment on “Legal Aid
  1. Deidre says:

    I am under debt review, after paying for 2 years my African Bank and MFC accounts are still the same balance as when I started. This being because they are charging me insurance and interest. After a year of fighting with African Bank they stopped the insurance which was R750 basically my complete installment with them. Recently I received an sms saying that after reviewing my account they going to be charging me insurance again. This means that the account will never get done. Can they do this? Is there nothing I can do to get out? African Bank and MFC have notified me that should I withdraw from debt review they are going to charge me all the interest and insurance from the date they I went under debt review. This means I am going to be worse off than before going under debt review. And settlement balances are more than the balances with the debt review company. So what can I do here can you give me any advice. I really do not want to pay for another 5 years because that is what I see where I am heading. Also if the court order states that my total debt is R150 000. and I reach that mark but still have balances what do I do? Do I continue paying or do I stop. I really need legal advice here as I am totally lost and in a bad place with debt review. Its suppose to help people but instead you worse off than before.

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