Instant Online Loans South Africa

2 Quick & Easy Options For Getting Instant Cash Loans

Instant Cash Loans South AfricaWhen you see an advert for instant online loans South Africa you would be forgiven for expecting to get the cash paid into your bank account almost immediately.

In reality it’s often a different story as getting approved for instant online cash loans doesn’t necessarily mean you will get your cash paid out to you instantly.

However, the good news is that there are exceptions to this, meaning that when you need “instant online loans in South Africa” there are reputable lenders who will process & pay you your cash within minutes.

Here are two options for getting instant cash loans in South Africa.

Each of these reputable cash lenders has their own different loan amounts & repayment periods so you can choose which meets your financial needs better.

  1. The 1st one is for quick personal loans of up to R150,000apply here »
  2. And the 2nd is for instant cash loans of up to R3,000apply here »

I’m sure you will agree that having to wait just a few minutes for your loan application to be processed & your cash to be paid out would fall into the instant cash loans category.

Below is more detail regarding the 2 options for instant online loans in South Africa.

1st Option: LoanFinder Loans Up To R150,000

Get Approved Within Minutes For Loans Up To R150,000 here »

HopOn Loans also provides instant cash loans to qualifying clients with the funds being paid into your account within minutes of your application being processed.

4 Easy Steps To Get Your LoanFinder Loan Paid To You Now…

  1. Head on over to LoanFinder now »
  2. Complete the simple 3 step online application
  3. Submit your “original” bank statements in PDF format
  4. Once your application is through the final checks your cash will be paid directly into your account

Qualifying Criteria For LoanFinder Loans

To apply for a loan you need to;

  • be a South African citizen with an SA ID document & legitimate ID number
  • be between 22 and 60 years old
  • be employed full time
  • have a personal bank account in your name
  • have an email address and cellphone number

You will also need the following when you apply;

  • Your South African ID number
  • Your personal banking details
  • Your 3 most recent bank statements

Apply for LoanFinder Loans Up To R150,000 here »

2nd Option: Boodle Instant Loans Up To R3,000

Apply For Boodle Loans Up To R3,000 here »

Boodle instant loans is the perfect option for when you need a small quick loan paid out within minutes.

5 Quick & Easy Steps To Get Your Boodle Instant Loans Now…

Boodle Quick Cash Loans
  1. Go to Boodle online »
  2. Use the sliders to select the amount of your loan & the loan repayment period in days
  3. Then complete the simple online application
  4. The whole online application process takes approximately 10 minutes from start to finish when you’ll get your quote for your loan
  5. Your money will be paid into your account roughly 10 minutes after accepting your quote – quick & simple

Here are some of the benefits offered by Boodle Loans

  • Over 90% of loan applications are processed & paid out within 5 minutes – pretty quick huh?
  • Boodle has been in business since 2011 so they are not a “fly by night” loan company
  • For first time clients they will lend you up to R3,000 (returning clients can get up to R8,000 without any hassle)
  • When selecting your preferred loan amount you will be shown exactly how much you will be paying in interest & other costs

Apply For Boodle Loans Up To R3,000 here »

Boodle’s quick loans are not only fast, hassle free & convenient, but you don’t need to send faxes or make any telephone calls as the easy application process can be completed & submitted from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Boodle Loans & Interest Fees

As by way of an example, an instant Boodle loan of R3,000 which you only want to pay in a month’s time (32 days) will attract a total charge of R664.20 (interest & fees) which will make the total loan repayment amount equal to R3664.20 as per the table below.

Boodle’s Loan Payment Schedule (Example)
Loan AmountHow Long?Total Interest & FeesTotal Loan Repayment Amount
R1,50016 daysR359.40R1,859.40
R1,50032 daysR405.30R1,905.30
R3,00016 daysR574.35R3,574.35
R3,00032 daysR664.20R3,664.20
Please note these amounts & charges may be subject to change without notice

Boodle is a Registered Company (Reg No: 2010/020539/07) & is also a Registered Credit Provider with the NCR (NCRCP5361)

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  1. Happy says:

    I’m under debt review I need a loan urgent

  2. jenine says:

    I have one installment left to be paid up on my debt review and need a loan urgently to pay my rent. Pls help as I have run out of options and don’t want to have to give up my flat.

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