Choose Registered Debt Counsellors When Undergoing Debt Counselling

It is vitally important to only choose registered debt counsellors when undergoing debt counselling.

Unreliable or incompetent debt counsellors could not only cost you money, but could also be more hassle than good in helping you get rid of your debt.

For any over indebted consumer, debt counselling is seen as a last resort to get some much needed relief from their dire financial situation which places a massive burden on the capability & integrity of your counsellor which is why it is wise to only choose registered debt counsellors.

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5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Appoint Registered Debt Counsellors

The problem is that not all debt counsellors are equal and, as in all walks of life, you’ll get your fair share of those who are not committed to acting in your best interests but are more interested in extracting as much money from you as they can for the least amount of work.

Registered Debt Counsellors

Only Choose Registered Debt Counsellors

You therefore need to be sure that the person you entrust with this important task is someone who you can trust to always act in your best interests as well as someone who is competent & beyond reproach.

  1. To ensure that the best possible monthly credit repayment amounts & terms are negotiated on your behalf to provide you some relief and ease the strain on your monthly cash budget.
  2. To ensure that the most favourable interest rates & extended payment periods are successfully negotiated with all of your creditors
  3. To ensure that you have a competent & experienced debt counsellor who will not only act in your best interests, but will also be far more likely to negotiate the best possible deal for you with your creditors.
  4. It is hard work negotiating favourable repayment terms with creditors so an inexperienced or lazy counsellor is unlikely to put in the effort that is required to save you money & ease your debt.
    A tired, lazy, corrupt or incompetent one will in all probability accept the first deal put on the table no matter whether it helps your situation or not.
  5. To save you time & money while ensuring that the debt review process is followed through to its conclusion to render you free of debt.
    Some unscrupulous counsellors have been known to take their fees & disappear before the process has been completed leaving you out of pocket and still in debt.

Debt CounsellorsTherefore, you can see that the person you entrust with the important task of getting you out of debt, in the shortest possible time at the lowest cost, will need to be someone who is competent & reliable as well as totally committed to your cause.

Unfortunately, not all debt counsellors will be able to meet these requirements which means that before appointing one you will need to do some research or only use someone who comes highly recommended & is registered with .

Lastly, it would also be wise to only appoint registered debt counsellors who are  registered with the NCR (National Credit Regulator) – you can search their list of registered debt counsellors on their website here.

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