Blacklisted Car Finance

Vehicle Finance For Blacklisted

Need a Car But Cannot Get Financing Because You Are Blacklisted?

The good news is that for those people who may have judgements & are blacklisted there are excellent options available for you to get finance for your vehicle.

Many of us are fully aware of how difficult it is to get financing through the mainstream banks who have tightened up their credit even for people with clean credit records, so those who have less than perfect credit ratings stand practically no chance of securing finance for their vehicle through traditional finance houses.

Blacklisted Car Finance
Even if you have judgements, you can apply for blacklisted vehicle finance by completing this simple online application form here ยป

Well luckily there are lenders who are willing to consider car finance applications from blacklisted people as they understand that people often pick up judgements through circumstances beyond their control in some cases.

In conclusion, while it is virtually impossible to secure financing if you have any judgements, this type of credit makes it possible for blacklisted people to get vehicle finance.

Furthermore if you are successful in obtaining blacklisted vehicle finance it is vitally important not to default on your monthly re-payments as this will help to improve your credit record & ultimately assist you in clearing your blacklisting.

Vehicle Finance Application Form

Just click on the following link where you can complete & submit this simple online application form here.

Once that has been successfully submitted, you will be contacted withing 24 hours with the details regarding your application for vehicle finance.

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5 comments on “Blacklisted Car Finance
  1. Bekezela says:

    I am a foreign with a work permit and l am married and l am working.

  2. I was under debt review and got my clearance certificate at the end of october 2016..i have submitted all my documents to transunion, epperian,Xds which I can say I have been cleared .however i am waiting for compuscan to update on their side which is only a judgement which I habe paid a year ever I am looking for vichle finance and still struggling with the banks.can you please assist

  3. Jassamy leibrandt says:

    I am cleared from debt review.have judgement on my name and i am paying that debt.will you be able to assist with vehicle financing

  4. R E Sikhipha says:

    m struggling to get vehicle finance, my loan account have been handed to the attorneys , m struggling to get vehicle finance.
    kindly assist please.


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